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The 400 Series Cessna Aircraft

Aircraft Details

North Coast Air Care is experienced in Cessna 400 Series repairs and modifications and has an expert staff available to perform any routine maintenance and inspections.  We specialize in major airframe repairs and engine overhauls and can guarantee that you will be confident in the performance of your aircraft. 

Some other services we provide are:

-Pre-Purchase and Pre-Delivery Inspections
-Structural Repairs and Sheet Metal Fabrications
-Window/Windshield Replacement
-Air Conditioning Service
-Propeller Balancing and Overhauls
-Annaul Inspections
-Service Bulletin Updates
-400 Series Cessna S.I.D.'s

Our knowlegable staff is also available to assist with selecting avionics and equipment upgrades and guide you in the direction you might want to go with your aircraft. 

Please give us a call to schedule your maintenance or to simply ask questions.  


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