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Ken showed up at North Coast Air Care four months after we opened our doors at Akron Municipal Airport in 2001. He had just completed school at PIT and we, as a new company, were only interested in trained and seasoned mechanics. Every week Ken came in and asked if we were ready to hire him and every week we were not. One time when Ken made his regular visits he saw an old Cessna 150 in the corner that we had bought off of Ebay. He said he would re-build the aircraft at no charge to prove his talents. With a maintenance manual and parts book Ken spent his summer completely disassembling the aircraft. He then began the process of cleaning, inspecting and re-assembling each component while installing replacement parts as needed. He installed all new fight control cables and rigging.

John Hogarth, the chief inspector, oversaw the process and was completely impressed with his diligence, ability to troubleshot and his overall inspection process. John hired him before the plane was finished and Ken began to work on the floor with the other mechanics.

It did not take long before we realized that his true calling was inspection. Discovering issues with aircraft that most mechanics would have overlooked, Ken is well published in the FAA's 8010-4 Malfunction and Defect Reporting system with issues he has seen with the General Aviation Fleet. Having been with us for more than twelve years, Ken is our Chief Inspector as well as a hard earned partner in the company.