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JPI Installations

North Coast Air Care's biggest goals when working with aircraft owners and operators is to instill a level on confidence.  Operators need to be confident in their aircraft and that starts on the floor with our mechanics.  We do this in many ways but one significant accessory to aid in this confidence is JPI (EDM) installations.  

Our experienced mechanics have the ability to install the most up-to-date EDM's for your aircraft so that your focus is not on multiple gauges but focused on flying, leaving the rest to your new in-board flight engineer. Our clean installation will leave the flight panel looking neat and spacious.  

Check out the pictures above to see our latest installation.

JPI Installations Include:

  • EDM 700
  • EDM 730
  • EDM 740 Experimental only
  • EDM 760
  • EDM 800
  • EDM 830
  • EDM 900
  • EDM 930 Primary
  • EDM 930 Experimenta
  • EDM 960 Twin
  • Classic Scanner
  • Fuel Flow Instruments
  • and many more
  • check out jpintruments.com for a full list and product overviews