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Pilot's Lounge

When a pilot comes in after an early, long flight sometimes they just want to crash.  We have remodeled a room just for that.  Furnished with a comfortable couch and recliners, pilots have a quiet room where they can escape the noise of the airport and relax, sleep, read, study or watch T.V. 

Summit's Places to See Wall

When relaxing in our pilots lounge and the thought of food or something to do springs upon your mind, take a look at our wall of places to see in Akron.  With a picture and a QR code you can find the best places to eat or visit locally.  So grab the keys to our courtesy car and go on an adventure.  There's a lot Akron has to offer so go and experience it! 

Be sure to ask about any special deals we have to offer with fuel purchases.  We may just have free lunch at one of these appealing places for you with a minimum fuel purchase.